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Privacy policy


By clicking on the button “Loan Registration” above, the Customer undertakes and acknowledges that he/she has read and agreed to all contents set forth in the Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy.

  This Privacy Policy has been posted and takes effective on 12 April, 2021 with the terms and conditions as follows:

  1. General part

– User accessing the website/application and having demand to use and learn about products and services on the website/application (hereinafter referred to as “Customer”). Customer is required and committed to read, understand, agree and be bound by the content described in the Privacy Policy regarding the use of the services on the website/application (hereinafter referred to as “Privacy Policy”).

 – This Privacy Policy is a legal agreement between the Customer and Company. Before using the products and services of the Company and/or the Company’s Partner on the website/application, the Customer acknowledges and confirms that he agrees to comply with all of the content as stipulated in this Privacy Policy. When the Customer click on the button “Loan Registration” and/or continues to perform the steps of creating transactions and/or providing information to the Company, it is understood that the Customer has accepted to use products and services of the Company and/or its Partners based on this Privacy Policy.

 – “Service” refers to any product or service that the Company and/or its Partner provide to the Customer from time to time through the website/application.

 – “Partner” refers to any partner of the Company from time to time having a relationship with the Company to provide products and services to the Client through the website / application.


  1. Commitment of the Customer

– Customer undertakes to read, understand and agree to all content and terms specified in this Privacy Policy. Accordingly, the Customer is fully aware and agrees that the information provided by the Customer when the Customer logs in, accesses, or uses the website/application or any features, processes, functions of website/application will be actually or able to be collected, processed, transferred (including domestic and overseas) or stored as set forth in this policy.

 – The Customer represents and warrants that a relatives/contact person whose information provided by the Customer pursuant to Section 3 below has agreed that the Company is able to use, process, store and/or disclose their information in accordance with this Privacy Policy and law regulations.

 – For the purpose of complying with the Company’s internal policies and law regulations, the Customer is aware that the Company and/or its Partner will only provide the Services to Kenyans from 18 years of age or older, within the territory of Kenya. Therefore, the Customer undertakes that the information provided by the Customer to the Company is correct and the Customer meets the subjective conditions to establish transactions with the Company and/or Company’s partner and the Customer. The Customer are solely responsible for the provision of information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. 

– The Customer is fully aware that the Customer still has the right to request the Company to suspend or permanently stop the collection, use, transfer of all or some of the information collected from the Customer, even in the case that the Customer agrees to allow the Company to collect, use and transfer information previously, by contacting the Company’s Customer Service for instructions.


  1. Scope of information collection

“Collected Information” means all information that the Customer provides to the Company through the website/application and/or through any other means, from time to time and the information transmitted when the Customer requests or is provided by the Company with products and services of the Company. Collected Information includes Customer’s Personal Information and Information of relatives/contact persons. In which: 

  1. Customer’s personal information (“Personal Information”) is including but not limited to the following information: full name; signature sample, electronic signature; phone number; identity card number or citizen identification number, date of issue and place of issue; date of birth; nationality; gender; marital status; E-mail address; permanent residence and current residence address; residence period; career information, salary income account on chat applications such as WhatsApp, Viber of Customer.
  2.  Information of the relatives/contact persons of the Customer is including but not limited to the following information: full name; phone number; accounts on chat applications such as WhatsApp, Viber; relationship between the Customer and relatives/contact persons of the Customer.
  1. Refusal of providing or receiving information

– The Customer may not provide or refuse to provide some of the Customer’s information through our website/application or withdraw the Customer’s consent at any time during the time the Customer use the Service for the content stipulated in this Privacy Policy. In this case, the Company shall preserve the rights as follows: 

  1. Refuse any offer of the Customer or refuse to provide or continue to provide any Service to the Customer. 
  2. Provide the Service to the Customer with limitation on utilities provided by the Company including but not limited to the customer service, the introduction of new services to the Customer.

By accepting this Privacy Policy, the Customer is fully aware and confirms that the Customer is a legitimate user of the phone number, email provided by the Customer and agrees to receive information about our products, services and promotions (hereinafter referred to as “promotional information”) from the Company via the above phone number or email. At any time, the Customer understands that the Customer has full right to refuse to receive the information provided by the Company.

 – In case the Customer has demand to refuse to provide or refuse to receive information as prescribed in this Section, the Customer may respond according to our instructions on the text message, advertising email, on our website/application or contact our call center for support


  1. Purpose and scope of using information

– Collected Information (as mentioned in Section 3) is used for the purpose of the Company to contact the Customer after receiving an offer to provide the Service from the Customer and/or for the purpose of the Company to notify the information related to the Service, our policies and promotion from time to time and/or for the purpose of customer service during the time the Customer uses Services of the Company

– The Company shall use Information of relatives/contact person (provided by the Customer as stipulated at Section 3 above) to contact the Customer in case the Company cannot contact the Customer via Personal Information.

– Accordingly, We may use Collected Information from the Customer for following purposes:

  1. Assist the Customer in using the Service through the website/application of the Company and/or Company’s Partner.
  2. Providing the Service to the Customer: including but not limited to verifying Customer information; credit rating, credit risk of the Customer; supporting a connection between the Customer and the Company’s Partners for using the Partner’s Services through the transfer of Collected Information from the Customer to such Partner.
  3. Handling transaction and sending information about Customer’s transaction. 
  4. Contacting the Customer and updating Service information to the Customer.
  5. Corresponding with the Customer and handling other requirements from the Customer.
  6. Surveying, providing promotion/discount and marketing to the Customer.
  7. Upgrading content and design of website/application.
  8. Upgrading our Service.
  9. Responding any query, comment or concern relating to the Service from the Customer.
  10. Supporting the Customer as required by the Customer.
  11. Providing Collected information to any third party (including Company’s Partners from time to time) for purpose of handling transaction and/or providing the Service to the Customer.
  12. Storing Collected Information for internal management as well as disclosure to the authorities as required by law regulations. 
  13. Applying legal measures to ensure legal rights and benefits of the Company in according to law regulations.
  14. Other purposes in compliance with law regulations.


  1. Related third parties

– The Customer is fully aware and undertakes that, for the purpose of providing the Service to the Customer, the Company may cooperate with any third-party being entity or individual for supporting the Company’s Service or providing the Service to the Customer on behalf of the Company or conducting partly or wholly any job related to product and service of the Company; or analysing data related to product and service of the Company (“Related third parties”), including but not limited the below subjects:

  1. Partners of the Company in provision of Service to the Customer.
  2. Partners of the Company in provision of event program holding service and other particular program and activities from time to time. 
  3. Partners of the Company in provision of advertisement service. 
  4. Event company and event sponsor. 
  5. Market research company. 
  6. Service providers, including: information technology service providers in terms of infrastructure and software. 
  7. Professional advisors and external auditors, including: legal advisors, financial advisors and consultants.

– The above Related third parties have the right to access, use Collected Information from the Customer for the purpose of cooperating with the Company when providing the Service to the Customer and are under obligations to not disclosure, use or storage Collected Information for any otherwise purposes.


  1. Disclosure, Sharing and Transferring of Collected Information

 By accepting this Privacy Policy, the Customer undertakes to be fully aware, understand and agree that We may share the Collected Information of the Customer with related parties within the Company and/or domestic and foreign third parties to provide the Service and improve the Service’s quality to the Customer. The Company commits to inform these third parties and parties of the Customer’s obligation to keep confidential Information collected including but not limited to the following parties: 

    1. Affiliates and/or members of the same group of our Company to support the provision of products and services through website/application at the request of the Customer, to help monitor and prevent illegal violations and violation of our policies, and analyzing appropriate data for website/application use, including marketing communications. 
    2. Related third parties as stipulated at Section 6 hereof. 
    3. Managers and employees of the Company for the purpose of providing, performing Services to the Customer. 
    4. Authorities as required by law or when We believe that the disclosure of the Collected Information is necessary to prevent actual damage or financial loss, or to report illegal activities or investigation of violation of our Terms and Conditions. 
    5. Credit institutions and other entities as permitted by law or required by a contractual partnership. 
    6. The Service Provider for assisting our business including but not limited fraud prevention, acquisition, marketing, customer service and technology services.
  • Other cases as agreed by the Customer.


  1. Time for information storage

 Customer undertakes and agrees that We may store Collected Information during Customer’s use of the Services, and we will then store this Collected Information for a period of 5 (five) years and/or another longer period as required by law. We may store Collected Information for regulatory compliance, fraud prevention, dispute resolution and other matters. In accordance with our data privacy policy, We will securely dispose of the Collected Information in compliance with law regulations, after the Collected Information is no longer necessary and is no longer relevant to the Service, unless otherwise required by law regulations or the Customer.


  1. Commitment to confidentiality of information

– Collected Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy will be committed to keep confidential by the Company in accordance with law regulations. The use of information outside the purpose of this Privacy Policy is only made with the prior consent of the Customer or other cases as prescribed by law regulations.

 – We recognize that the Collected Information is a very important part of our business and that the confidentiality of the Collected Information is our priority. Except as provided in this Privacy Policy, we are committed to not disclosing or sharing the Collected Information without the consent of the Customer. Additionally, We take all reasonable procedures and endeavor to ensure all Collected Information is confidential and secure, whether online or offline. We shall keep Collected Information in a variety of administrative and technical security measures to mitigate the risk of loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure or modification. We may use or adapt security measures and available new technologies from time to time, depending on the appropriate technology including but not limited firewalls and data encryption, access control for centers the data. 

– All third parties authorized to access, access and use the Collected Information as set forth in this Privacy Policy are required to comply with our privacy obligations. 

– In case the information server is attacked by hacker resulting in loss of Collected Information, we will notify the case to the competent authorities for investigation and timely handling in accordance with the law and notice to the Customer.


  1. Use of “cookies”

The Customer undertakes and agrees that when the Customer accesses our website/application, We may use “Cookies” or similar technology on the Customer’s computer or other device to obtain information. “Cookies” are small data files, which may include identification tools and can be stored on the Customer’s hard drive to help the Customer better access the website/application and identify re-visitors website/application. You have the sole right to refuse our “Cookies” on your computer or other device, unless our “Cookies” are required to prevent fraud or to ensure the security of your website/application that We control, manage, and operate. The use of the website/application may be restricted if the Customer does not accept our “Cookies”.


  1. External Links

Through this Privacy Policy, the Customer is fully aware that the Customer is responsible for protecting his/her account information, login password on the website/application. At the same time, the Company warns the Customer not to provide any information related to his/her account and password for the website/application as well as any other e-commerce platform. The Company is not responsible in case the Client accesses the website/application or any unofficial link and/or is not managed, operated by the Company. In the event that the Customer discloses its information, data to these websites/applications or links, the Customer is solely responsible for the disclosure of its information and data as well as for its confidential compliance and/or privacy policies at such websites/applications or links.


  1. Update Privacy Policy

– Through this Privacy Policy, the Customer agrees that We may amend this Privacy Policy at any time in accordance with our discretion and policies from time to time and will be uploading to website/application in modified version. We note that the Customer needs and undertakes to check and update this Privacy Policy periodically for the latest information. Changes to this Privacy Policy take effect from the date of upload on our website/application. If We make a material change to this Privacy Policy and how We use the Customer’s Collected Information, We will upload these changes to the website/application and will use our best efforts to notify Customer of these changes. By the Customer’s continued use of the Services after the amendment takes effect, We understand that Customer agrees and undertakes to comply with the revised terms of this Privacy Policy. 

– The Customer has the right to terminate the agreement on this Privacy Policy by sending a written notice to the Company 03 (three) days in advance if he/she does not agree with the amendments and supplements as set forth in this Section.